Saturday, July 5, 2008

Disappointments from Dolls and Crue

I know I should have known better, but the new Motley Crue was out, and there it was on emusic. Hey, if I don't use the downloads every month, they go away. So download I did.


Generic hard rock, with none of the fun that was there from "Shout at the Devil", "Too Fast For Love", etc. Not that any of you were actually considering it, but avoid this one, folks.

Also one that I really wish I could recommend is the new Dresden Dolls. It's a collection of b-sides and out-takes, and because of this doesn't really seem to hang together. It's a big mass of "Mehh." The one stand-out is the cover of "Pretty in Pink". Say "No Virginia" to this one and stick to the much better self-titled release and the very good "Yes Virginia". And by all means, if you get the chance, go see the Dolls in concert. Amanda is mesmerizing as a punk rock cabaret performer and Brian is a feast for the ears and eyes on drums.

I'm attaching a photo of the Dresden Dolls, but no photos for you, Crue! It seems you have to be a member of the fan club to see photos on their web site. And the album sucks too hard for me to waste any more of my energy on them.

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