Monday, November 30, 2009

The Best Cold War Kids Song

I have said it, and thus it is so. Let none dispute this claim (as if any of you comment anyway. It's lonely here in the Old Skool Fortress Of Solitude):

Blur Have New Live DVD Coming Out

Looks interesting, and beyond the usual "just a concert" release. It's called No Distance Left To Run, which is also one of Old Skool's favorite Blur songs, a melancholy treat that sounds like its title.

Jimmy Fallon Performs "Fresh Prince" Theme Song. As Neil Young.

Not sure why I haven't seen this out on the interweb, but it's a fun(ny) impersonation, and an inspired song to use. After the commercial, because NBC gotta buy baby a new pair of shoes:

Random Music News: The Who, NIN, Reo Spedwagon

Hello, and welcome back after that wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a couple of items to start the week:
1. The Who will be playing during the Super Bowl halftime.

2. As some of you know, I decided to not spend a million dollars on Craigs List to get Nine Inch Nails tix when they were in Chicago. I know, I know: But it's their last tour EVER! Right.
This just in, NIN is selling all of their tour equipment on eBay. I guess they were serious about this whole "last tour" thing. Here's what they say on their site:
We've been going through the NIN touring and studio rigs and are getting rid of a large selection of gear and equipment the band is no longer in need of. It's being listed on eBay. We do not know which (if any) tour these items are from unless specified, nor can we get any items autographed, so please do not ask. Hundreds of items will be listed over the next several weeks such as guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, drums, staging, anvil cases, cables, rack/outboard gear, guitar effects, and pedal boards. Check the eBay page regularly for new listings, or follow @nineinchnails on Twitter for updates. More information can be found in the descriptions of each item.

Here's the link, in case you were looking for that perfect Christmas gift. For me.

3. REO Speedwagon have a Christmas album. WTF. Get that for the aunt that always gets on your nerves but thinks she's kinda hip. When does Andrew WK release his Party Hard Christmas Party disc? Is this a sign that the end is near?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rapid Record Review: Them Crooked Vultures

The only problem with being good is when you are expected to be great.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne Talks To NME

Good stuff, it's interesting to hear him talk about the performance. He seems like a genuinely nice guy:

And here's their new video. It's NSFW, with a lot of nakedness. If you have ever wanted to see Wayne's weiner, now's your chance.

The Jesus Lizard To Play NYE At Metro In Chicago

So, Old Skool is crackling with excitement now that he has procured tickets to see The Jesus Lizard at Metro in Chicago the day after Thanksgiving. And then this info comes my way: They are playing sold-out shows that Friday and Saturday, and now a third date has been added for New Years Eve!

Wow! Can you imagine drinking champagne from David Yow's shoe at the stroke of midnight? Tasty! This could be your chance. Get a ticket soon, because this is a sure sell-out.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Comes Late To The Spooky Old Skool Mansion

Here's Pearl Jam covering Devo's biggest hit, "Whip It" for Halloween.

Better than that piece of hard candy old Mrs. Crabtree gives out to kids she doesn't recognize each year, dontcha think? And it's nice to see that Eddie has lightened up and is enjoying himself. Crack that whip!

Thanks to Jeff, with his floppy bunny ears, for sending the link in.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rapid Record Review: The Flaming Lips: Embryonic

A beautiful brick wall. Bring the hammer and chisel, it will be worth it.

Rapid Record Review: Kid Cudi: Man On The Moon

Laziness disguised as laid-back. Boring.

God's Favorite Band Returns To Off Broadway

Yes, that's right, the Asylum Street Spankers are returning to Off Broadway this Wednesday, to play selections off their new release, (Surprise!) "God's Favorite Band". The release is an album of swinging gospel numbers, and will comprise the first set, with the second set covering some of the more... less gospel-y... numbers. Should be a fun time for a Wednesday.

Not sure if I'm going to be able to make it or not, but don't let that stop you. Go ahead, have some fun without Old Skool. He'll be at home warming up some milk to help him get his 8.25 hours of blissfully uninterrupted sleep. Just don't do anything O.S. wouldn't do...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tonight: Neko Case At The Pageant

Should be a good show. I still remember seeing her at Off Broadway, and her voice was amazing. Here she is singing "Maybe Sparrow" to get you warmed up for the show:

And "This Tornado loves You" on Letterman:

Don't expect her to be wearing a black dress, though, She seems to be more comfortable in jeans and an old t-shirt.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fragile Porcelain Mice Call It A Day

After what, like 20 years of great music? FPM have decided to cease as a band. Anyone who saw their live shows know what a powerhouse they were. Even if you were not a huge fan of that type of music you would be foolish to not recognize their live power and the impact they had on St. Louis music. From their site:

Greetings, friends.

At this time of year we usually take the opportunity to inform you, our fans, about our upcoming Thanksgiving show. This year, however, is different. Instead, we have two serious announcements about the future of Fragile Porcelain Mice.

First, because of various circumstances, we will not be performing our annual Thanksgiving show this year. This news is a great disappointment to us--not just because we won't be performing, but because we look forward to meeting up and chatting with all of our loyal fans who have celebrated the holiday of turkey and rock with us over the years.

Second, after much discussion we have decided that Fragile Porcelain Mice will no longer continue as a creative entity. This means that FPM will no longer be writing, recording, or performing new material. The door is still open for some shows; however, we have no plans to perform together in the near future.

We hope you understand. We are grateful for all your support throughout the many years. We hope to see you again.

A door closes.