Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fragile Porcelain Mice Call It A Day

After what, like 20 years of great music? FPM have decided to cease as a band. Anyone who saw their live shows know what a powerhouse they were. Even if you were not a huge fan of that type of music you would be foolish to not recognize their live power and the impact they had on St. Louis music. From their site:

Greetings, friends.

At this time of year we usually take the opportunity to inform you, our fans, about our upcoming Thanksgiving show. This year, however, is different. Instead, we have two serious announcements about the future of Fragile Porcelain Mice.

First, because of various circumstances, we will not be performing our annual Thanksgiving show this year. This news is a great disappointment to us--not just because we won't be performing, but because we look forward to meeting up and chatting with all of our loyal fans who have celebrated the holiday of turkey and rock with us over the years.

Second, after much discussion we have decided that Fragile Porcelain Mice will no longer continue as a creative entity. This means that FPM will no longer be writing, recording, or performing new material. The door is still open for some shows; however, we have no plans to perform together in the near future.

We hope you understand. We are grateful for all your support throughout the many years. We hope to see you again.

A door closes.

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