Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Avett Brothers Out Today

"I and Love and You"
I predict a big hit. On first listen the sound feels fuller without feeling like they have betrayed their true selves. I'm happy that Rick Rubin showed some sensitivity to their sound and didn't try to mess with it, rather augment their sound.

Go see them live. They don't hold anything back. The official version of this video has that old "embedding denied because the Record Company is a group of Greedy Pigs who don't understand how things work in the new age", so we'll see how long before this link disappears. Until that time, enjoy:


Pixel Pusher said...

I just picked it up on vinyl yesterday, and listened to the first half this morning. Loving it so far.

Dano said...

It's pretty darn good. There is at least one song thats "Eh", but all the others sound like gems. And one of the brothers (can't remember which one) did all the paintings for the cover art.

Glad you like it.