Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Video (Or Is It The Only Video?) From Don Bailey, Called American Inspiration

Here's a song that I helped shoot and edit the video for. Not bad I guess, considering it was shot on a Panasonic home video camera, with an American flag, a bunch of hats, and a work light.

From the description under the video:
"America, look how far we've come..."
A protest song wrapped up in a patriotic message from Don Bailey, AKA the band BOB from Millstadt, Illinois. Don wanted to comment on today's government shenanigans, but also remind us that things aren't that bad. The hats represent a wide survey of American workers affected by a constantly changing world.

BOB's been around for a while, and they play good honest music. I wonder if they've ever played Twangfest... Here you go: