Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Josh Ritter: The Curse

One of the better new releases this year has been Josh Ritter's new album, So Runs The World Away. And now he has a nice video to accompany it, for the song The Curse.

It's your typical mummy comes to life, falls in love with a pretty archeologist. But wait! Before you say "yeah, who hasn't written a song about THAT?", please note that the video is a gem performed all by puppets! And the video was created by Josh's drummer, Liam Hurly, who is also a puppeteer. It's a great, deceptively simple video:

You can read more about the creation of the video over at NPR, where they have a nice description from Liam.


April G. said...

Love this video... Too bad Josh is skipping STL this time around. He was fantastic at Off Broadway last year. Did you end up going to Mumford earlier this week? Great show - They were so intense! And I really did not expect such a crazy crowd. There was so much excitement in that room!

Dano said...

Yes, I was there, but it was too crowded to find you. I agree about the crowd, and that they were so fervent about singing along- made it an even better show!