Friday, January 30, 2009

Black Cab Session: Jens Lekman

Seeing Jens last year at SXSW, at Emo's, was a highlight of last year's trip to Austin. And I've been keeping an eye out for all things Jens. And I'm sure you are just DYING to see/hear him sing "Black Cab". In the back of a cab. That's black. So here, you're welcome, it is really my pleasure.

What you are not a fan? Well how about Ryan Adams? Death Cab? Bon Iver? The National? To each, his or her own, I say. But please do check it out. There are plenty more to suit your tastes. I love the idea of this site, take an artist, put them in the back of a black cab, and let them sing a song as the world rolls by.

One day, I too will come up with an idea so ridiculously simple that all the world will bow before my genius. Until then, well, at least we have each other.

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