Sunday, January 11, 2009

Black Strobe "I'm A Man"

Came across this very nice song from '07. It's in the new Guy Ritchie movie, Rocknrolla. Like Nick Cave singing with one of those old-skool industrial bands. Check it:

I'm posting because I think it's a pretty good song, it's in an upcoming movie. Also because of the comments that are one the Youtube page. It's cracking me up that the posters are trying to figure out why the song sounds so familiar to them. One guesses George Thorogood's "Bad To The Bone", another suggests ZZ Top's "La Grange". That seems to satisfy them, "you are absolutely right", etc.

I understand the confusion. But it's a Bo Diddley cover. One of his biggest hits, other than "Bo Diddley". Now you and I know.

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