Monday, February 16, 2009

Future Clouds And Radar: Off Broadway, Euclid Records, and SXSW. Take Your Pick.

One may be closer than the other but this is a band that bears closer watch. The Austin-based Future Clouds and Radar will be in St Louis this Thursday, Feb. 19 at Off Broadway. Then they will be at Euclid Records This Sunday the 22nd at 3 PM and a couple of songs they perform are slated to appear as a limited edition (300 copies) 45 rpm single. Cool stuff. And then when I am in Austin for SXSW (Friday, March 20, 1 AM, Wave) I will hopefully catch them there, also. Here's what Euclid's blog has to say about them:

Those who have seen either of the band’s St. Louis performances at Off Broadway have spent the bulk of the last two years breathlessly telling their friends and family that Future Clouds and Radar are one of the most exciting and exhilarating rock bands to turn up in years. Their songs are unforgettable, melodic, densely arranged with exotic and delightful touches. Or, as Amplifier magazine put it, “In a perfect world the government's $700 billion bailout package would include buying a copy of Future Clouds and Radar's sophomore album Peoria for every man, woman and child in America...”

Here's a video to whet the appetite:

And a link to an MP3 of "Feet On Grass", my favorite so far, courtesy of the fine folks at SXSW. And thanks to Jeff for the heads-up.

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