Friday, February 20, 2009

Future Clouds And Radar: Peoria & Live

Two quick comments on FCAR:

1. The release "Peoria" is a tasty slice of indie-pop, heavily influenced by the Beatles with a George Harrison leaning. Besides the Beatles, I hear shades of Jason Falkner, Radiohead, and Jon Vanderslice. I recommend it, even though the band sometimes wanders into semi-noisy musical landscapes that to these ears get in the way of the songs. Best song: Feet on Grass.

2. Seeing the band at Off Broadway was a nice treat. All of the musicians seem to be seasoned veterans and bring it without overly dramatizing things. Tight, tight, tight. Interestingly, the meandering that threw things off for me on "Peoria" seemed to work much better live. This is a solid band and I'm glad that I missed some precious sleep time last night to check them out.

Side note: While the O's, who played right before them were fine, I felt that they lacked that magical x-factor that pushes a band into your cortex and won't let go. Mining similar territory as the Avett Brothers, they lacked that surprise and delight of the slightly unexpected, both lyrically and musically, that I get when seeing those Avetts. Here's hoping that the O's keep pushing, and find that thing that makes them stand out from the crowd, rather than blend in.

Remember, there is still time to catch Future Clouds And Radar before they leave the Lou, both at a house party on Saturday, and at Euclid Records Sunday at 3 PM.

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