Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hide Your Dollar Bills: Living Things Coming To St Louis

You may have read my post about seeing the Living Things play an afternoon show at SXSW. They were very good, in the vein of T-Rex, or perhaps Louis XIV, and they were wearing all leather, even though it was a fairly warm Texas afternoon. The thing that got everyone talking was when singer Lillian burned a dollar bill in front of the stage, talking about how the government was taking his tax money for the rich no more. It was effective, but then when it was reported that he did the same thing at their next show, maybe a little less so.

But, hey, they really bring a good rock show, so it would be a shame to miss them when they come to STL. Even though they are from here, they haven't actually played a show here in years. They'll be at Off Broadway on May 12, and also playing a free show earlier in the day at Vintage Vinyl, at 4 PM.

As a little background, the Living Things formed in 2003 and consists of three brothers, Lillian Berlin on vocals and guitar, Eve on Bass, and Bosh on drums. Rounding out the group is Corey Becker on guitar, who is not related to anyone else in the band, and is NOT, contrary to the arbitrary rumor that I decided to start here, the love-child of Steely Dan's Walter Becker and gravel-voiced Marianne Faithfull. Their new release is Habeas Corpus, and they have toured with Velvet Revolver and the Vines.

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