Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ida Maria Live

Part of going to SXSW (Jeez, will this guy ever stop talking about this fricking festival? I mean come on, is this the only thing he goes to each year and then milks it for everything it's worth? Well... yes.) is the ultimate disappointment of NOT seeing someone. It's a scientific fact. Equations have been calculated by Russian scientists laid off by a government that no longer cares to split protons and crush the American Way. So what better do they have to do than crunch data that says it you have 5 days and 24 hours per day with over 1.7 billion bands, you will miss some that you wanted to see. Google it, it's true.

Well, one of the artists I wanted to see there was Ida Maria. Went to one of the clubs she was supposed to be playing at, at the prescribed time, and some dude started playing. Not Ida. Found out later that she was delayed, perhaps because of visa issues in NY.

So I was happy to stumble across this live-in-the-studio recording of her, and hear that she sounds pretty darn good. Might want to wash her hair next time, though. let's just say that it was early, and that she washed it later and it was all silky smooth and wraarrrrr. This hair was a little more eeeeah, if you know what I mean. Ah, well, good stuff anyway. Enjoy "better when you're naked" and Stella":

Ida Maria (Live on KEXP at The Cutting Room Studios NYC) from KEXP RADIO on Vimeo.

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