Monday, August 17, 2009

Guitar Hero Van Halen: Wolfgang, not Michael on bass

Should this not surprise me? And yet it still does. A bit of bile rises up.

OK, Eddie, I get it: Michael betrayed you somehow by playing music with Sammy Hagar after you got a divorce from him and went down the rabbit hole with that horrible VHIII deal with the Extreme guy. But if you're playing all the classics, shouldn't you have the classic bass player? What if you didn't kiss and make up with David Lee Roth when your career seemed to be over? Would this game feature whoever the singer of VH was at the time? Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden? No, no. Too big. Need someone from a smaller band, someone to control. How about the singer from the 80's band Black-n-Blue? Or a tribute band singer that you saw on Youtube?

Can you imagine if they ever did any Journey, Styx or REO Speedwagon songs on GH? oh boy, what a mess that would be. But then again, nobody knows who any of those guys were anymore, I guess.

Ed, you have serious issues, man. Here's the proof. FYI, Wolfie was not even born when these songs came out.

Track list:
* Ain’t Talkin Bout Love
* And The Cradle Will Rock
* Atomic Punk
* Beautiful Girls
* Cathedral (solo)
* Dance The Night Away
* Eruption (solo)
* Everybody Wants Some
* Feel Your Love Tonight
* Hang ‘Em High
* Hear About It Later
* Hot For Teacher
* Ice Cream Man
* I’m The One
* Jamie’s Cryin
* Jump
* Little Guitars
* Loss Of Control
* Mean Street
* Panama
* Pretty Woman
* Romeo Delight
* Running With The Devil
* So This Is Love
* Somebody Get Me A Doctor
* Spanish Fly (solo)
* Unchained
* You Really Got Me

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