Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Miss Hum

It's true. I miss them dearly. Seeing them live, that warm super-loud Hum sound, vibrating beer bottles right off the table; the fact that almost every song had the word "she" in it. Come back, come back.

This one starts out very much like Slint, before kickin' it in:

Downward is heavenward is criminally underrated:

And here's the sweet rock sauce live:



jef ebers said...

Hey Dan,

It was odd because I woke up, got dressed
and looked at a few blogs. I went to yours and it just happened that I was wearing a Hum shirt. When I lived in Champaign I did silk screening for a while and used to print their shirts at this place that I worked. I saw them play many times while living there. My favorite was seeing them with Mercury Rev at the Blind Pig.

Thanks for posting.


JRo said...

oh my god. yes. HUM. so influential. so under-appreciated.