Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Dear South By Southwest, I don't hate you; really I don't. It's just that we won't be seeing each other this year, and, well, it's bumming me out. Remember all the good times we've had together? The beautiful weather, wonderful BBQ, and the music? Sweet sweet music wherever I went, bands that came to the States just for this, never to be seen again (Hi Scroobius Pip!) playing their hearts out.

I promise you that I'll try to see you next year.

Dear Reader, are you going to see the lovely SXSW this year? Well, I don't hate you either. But I do feel like kicking you in the nuts just to make me feel better. I'm just kidding! Here are some day party posters, all gathered up for you. Some have great design, some not so much. But there sure is a lot of bands there. And it's the tip of the iceberg.

Who knows, maybe I'll even plan out a fake itinerary, just to torture myself. Have fun out there, and remember to drink plenty of water, and don't throw your pepperonis on the street on Red River. It's gross when you realize what the stains are/what you are walking in...

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