Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blitzen Trapper Coming To Off Broadway In June

Well, I may have to see if I can just live at Off Broadway this june. or maybe they will allow me to do odd jobs around the place to help pay for all the shows I'll be seeing there?

You'll first find me there on June 15, to see Mumford & Sons. I've already posted about them here, but you can also read about them on Paste's site, if you want to find out more about this up-and-coming band.

And then, six days later I will be back to see Blitzen Trapper, on Monday, june 21. I can not resist. The last time they were in town, November of 2008, I caught them at Vintage Vinyl, before they played an opening slot for Stephen Malkmus at the Pageant, and wished I could have caught them later, but commitments called. They were wonderful, even in the low-key record store setting. Their new album will be out on June 8 on Sub Pop, and you can download a free MP3 by going to their official site.

And then another six days later, just long enough time to re-charge the mind and wallet, I will be back to see Black Joe Lewis on Sunday, the 27th.

I eagerly await who I should be seeing there on July 3, six days after that concert. I'm thinking it will be good, no matter who is there...


jef ebers said...

I don't want to add to your June visit to Off Broadway
but the Freelance Whales are playing I believe on June 8th.

I have been listening to them and do like it.

Dano said...

I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the wallet-draining tip!