Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blitzen Trapper: Live At Vintage Vinyl STL

So I couldn't make Blitzen Trapper's proper gig opening up for Stephen Malkmus at the Pageant on Saturday night due to a wedding, but was excited to see that they would be playing a short in-store set at Vintage Vinyl Sunday at 1 PM. I showed up right at 1 PM and was surprised that the band was ready to go. Note to self: If a band plays an in-store the afternoon of a gig, they will show up 45 minutes late and play about a half hour after that since the van broke down, or they got lost, or some other story. If it's the day AFTER a show, the band has someplace to get to, so they are going to start pretty close to on time.

So on to the set, and Blitzen Trapper. Seeing them live, even at a record store, cemented a couple of things for me:
1. The band is really good, and bring more keyboards to the mix than I expected. They also have a lot of nice twin guitar leads that are melodic and toothy all at the same time. They have real songs that stand up, sounding like a combo of Gram Parsons, CSN&Y, and Pavement, with dashes of prog and Dylan thrown in for spice.
2. Listening to the band live also confirmed something that I have been thinking for a while: I think the band's latest, "Furr" is my favorite release of the year. It resonates with me, both lyrically and musically with a feeling of classic stories in a contemporary setting.
3. It was fun watching the 2 or 3 year old rugrats rocking out and playing with their hot wheels just a foot away from the band. Blitzen Trapper didn't mind, and the kids were cool as long as they listened to their parents and didn't go past the cords.
4. I really need a better camera than the crappy point and shoot that I was using. The pic above was the only one worth posting from about 8.

Pick up "Furr" and tell me what you think. These guys are the real thing.

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