Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturday: Record Store Day

I'm not sure how this day, designed to spotlight the importance and magic of the dwindling number of independent record stores that dot this vast land, does in other cities. But it's become a fun day here in the STL area. I'll be spending most of my time at Euclid Records, but Apop and Vintage also have some great stuff going on. Here's the schedule of events, with some lifting off of the wonderful A To Z RFT Blog:

Apop Records
2831 Cherokee Street
*Free beer thanks to New Belgium
*BBQ (veggie included)
*A photobooth
*Freezerburn Industries' Mr. Ben's RSD-only music zine, with a DVD of local Lepers TV footage
*Between-band DJs Jeff Hess (KDHX's Wednesday Afternoon Delight) & Jeremy Kannappell (Ghost Ice)
1 p.m. Pretty Little Empire
1:45 p.m. SKR (SkakreKrau Radio)
2:30 p.m. Burn The Mute
3:15 p.m. .e
3:45 p.m. Bob Reuter
4:15 p.m. Egg Chef
4:45 p.m. Half Gay
5:30 p.m. Maximum Effort
6:15 p.m. Shaved Women
6:45 p.m. Strangulated Beatoffs
7:30 p.m. Glowdick

Euclid Records
601 East Lockwood
*A store-wide sale, with 10 percent off "virtually everything in the store," they say
*A sidewalk sale
Noon: Luca Brasi
1 p.m.: 33 on the Needle
2 p.m. Adoring Heirs
3 p.m. Art Majors
4 p.m. Finn's Motel
5 p.m. Sleepy Kitty
6 p.m. Troubadour Dali
7 p.m. The Bottle Rockets

Vintage Vinyl
6610 Delmar Boulevard
In addition to the limited-edition "Don't Quit Your Day Job!" employee compilation for sale, VV will have free PBR and Monster Energy Drink.
Guest DJs:
12 p.m. Kevin Johnson (Post-Dispatch)
1 p.m. Christian Schaeffer (Riverfront Times)
2 p.m. Donnie Fandango (KPNT)
3 p.m. DJ Coreyography
4 p.m. Tom "Papa" Ray (KDHX, Vintage Vinyl)
5 p.m. Sylvester The Cat (KDHX)
6 p.m. Eric Hall (
7 p.m. Anacrusis (

Live music under the store's marquee:

12 p.m. Felili
1 p.m. Blondiegrunt (St. Louis)
2 p.m. Kentucky Knife Fight (Edwardsville, IL)
3 p.m. Hooten Hallers (Columbia, MO)
4 p.m. Nomo (Michigan poly-rhythmic, danceable goodness)
5 p.m. Beat Street (DJ Needles, DJ Alejan, DJ G-Wiz, Da Fly D-Ex)

Slackers (various locations; check its website)
*The stores will have live performances at the following stores:
St. Charles, Missouri
12 p.m. Serapis
1 p.m. Models Need Sleep
2 p.m. Ockum's Razor
3 p.m. Building Rome
4 p.m. Jailbox
5 p.m. Spelling Bee
7 p.m. Steve Ewing (of the Urge)
8 p.m. Aaron Mansfield

Glen Carbon, Illinois
5 p.m. Descending New Angels
6 p.m. The New Translation
7 p.m. Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship

Columbia, Missouri
1 p.m. the Hanukkah Jones Band
5 p.m. Nonreturner
7 p.m. Steven Carrel & The Goldbugs
8 p.m. Warantula

P.S. As a special preview, go to the Marketing28 web site to see the artwork I designed for the new CD by The Adoring Heirs! They'll be selling a limited number of CDs at Euclid, as they get ready to have a mass pressing in the near future!

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