Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chris Scruggs at Beale on Broadway

Those of you with more than  passing knowledge of BR5-49 may know of Chris. A few years back he joined that group when a couple of the original members left in 2001, taking over for Gary Bennett. I'm actually not sure if they are still touring, but was happy to hear about him making a solo stop in the Lou. He is a little Buddy Holly-like in appearance, and looks like he is about 18 years old. Not a line on his 26-year-old face. Chris is also Earl Scruggs', (Flatt & Scruggs, AKA the guys who wrote the Beverly Hillbillies theme song) grandson and has a pleasant clear voice. Much of his material is classic old-school country, or originals that are written in that bent. He doesn't let the songs sit back, but really dives into them. No languid, kicked back on the front stoop, pickin' here.

For the most part I really enjoyed the show. Beale on Broadway is very small and the audience was into it. As small as the place is (we were indoors, outside is a little bigger. Damn April cold spell), it was not so crowded that we were uncomfortable. Even got a seat at the bar! There is one thing that just drove me crazy, though. The bass player. He looked a little bit "New York hipster" to me. I mean, looks shouldn't matter, but he just did not seem to fit in. This was compounded by the fuzzed-out farting noises that sometimes escaped from his amp. Pffft! Bump-aPFFFFFT. It just didn't match the country old time rockin' music that was coming out of Chris' ringing guitar. Good show. But try not to look at the guy to the left, with the funny-sounding bass.

Here's more about Chris. He really was fun, despite the bass dude:

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