Thursday, April 17, 2008

John Vanderslice, oh why do I have to need sleep?

Well, John Vanderslice will be at the Billiken Club tonight. I encourage all my non-existent readers to go check him out if you are in the STL area. I hear he puts on a good show. I went to the Cards game last night, and taught my Visual Communications class at Webster the night before. If I was to be honest, it's not the lack of sleep that would bother me, it's the sense of guilt not being home with my family that may stop me from going. He's no spring chicken either, but has a great pedigree, producing a lot of indie bands, along with his own solo career. His best songs are ones that tell stories that seem true-to life without any of the sugar-coating. Here's the Billiken Club's link:

And John has a site also, of course. Go there to download his song White Dove for a taste:

And now I shall go wrestle with my conscience. The pull of music is strong.

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