Sunday, April 27, 2008

Van Halen does not disappoint

For years (nay, decades) anyone who has seem Van Halen has told me the same thing, in one form or another: "That Eddie can play". After seeing VH live for the first time last night, I agree. He is a monster on guitar. It really is amazing how melodic his solos are, and how integral a part they perform overall.

Dave was what I had expected him to be, and what I had experienced the handful of times I have seen him in the past. He is that carnival showman, smiling and extolling you to join in the good times. This was by far the happiest I have seen him, and he looked like he was truly enjoying being on stage with the band that made him famous. You don't really expect him to be Pavarotti, but the guy gives his all. How his body looks that good is beyond me. Old Skool Review needs to get some pointers, and perhaps needs to also lay off the beer and cheeseburgers. That guy is still ripped.

And that Eddie, boy can he play. If you are at all curious, I recommend checking these guys out. They bring it.


afluoresc said...

But cheeseburgers are so good.

Dano said...

Well, I can't really argue with that one.