Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So Many Dynamos: So, so good.

I went to the University City Loop on Sunday for the RFT Music Awards shows that were going on all day and night with the expressed reason to see two local bands that are ready to blow up nationally: Gentleman Auction House and So Many Dynamos. Neither disappointed, even though they had the unenviable task of playing at 3 and 4 PM in the blazing sun. As the guitarist/keyboard player for SMD said, "I can't see the lights on my footpedals! It's too-- sunny!

Gentleman Auction House recorded sounds a bit like Iron and Wine with a bit more rock thrown in, with cobwebs in the corners of the cassette. Live they are more muscular than expected, which is a good thing. There is nothing worse than being excited by the potential of a recording and going to see the live version and being underwhelmed by stage presence and the snap of the beat.

SMD are right there. Soon Pitchfork will either crown them kings or talk about how their first two indie releases were better. Screw them, these guys are great, and entertaining as hell live. Wonderful photos from Wonderful Jason Stoff. They have a nervy energy that is totally contagious. To get the heads bobbing in 90 degree sunny heat is a great thing. Thank you boys, and good luck.

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