Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Erin McKeown And Jill Sobule: Live At Off Broadway

Here's a little treat. I wanted to go to this show to see Jill Sobule, being disappointed that I missed out on a house show she was at a while back, but it was not to be.

And then I started listening to Erin McKeown after being turned on to her by NPR's All Songs Considered, and went to look her up. You know, see if there are some videos out there of her, decide if she would be someone I'd like to see live sometime.

And the first video I clicked on after getting to Erin's site was from Off Broadway, from less than a month ago (11/30/09), with Jill and Erin singing together a song they made up about St Louis! So here it is, the sound is a little overloaded at times. Enjoy:

I guess I won't be seeing her back here soon. Ah, bittersweet, this find. But that's a lot of coincidental connect the dots, don't you think?

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