Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time Magazine's Five Best Videos Of 2009

1. This must be true, because it was in Time magazine.
2. You are about to be on the cultural tip, part of the popular vernacular. Congratulations, and please use your powers for good.
3a. If you release a kick-ass video in December, you are going to be screwed and over-looked.
3b. Entertainment Weekly has already published a retrospective of all the celebrities that passed away in 2009. If you are a celebrity, please stay alive through the end of the year (see 3a).

#5 Lady Gaga "Bad Romance"
This strange person was everywhere this year. A break-out year, whether you like her or not. For the record, I think she has some good songs, but also think she is dangerously close to believing her own hype and either self-destructing or becoming a parody of herself. Madonna, you have been out-Madonna-ed, with a touch of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". Also: Ahhh! Hairless cat! Bad synchronized dancing! Breasts that shoot sparks!

#4 Kanye West "We Were Once A Fairytale
Speaking of an artist that has become a parody. Note to Kanye: shut up and let the music do the talking, fool. A strange video. On the list because Spike Jonze had Kanye act like an ass, and for no other reason. Here's the first part, if you want to see it. I found the whole thing unbearable.

And the second part:

Really, Time magazine, cultural barometer? Really?

#3 Land Of Talk "It's OK"
NOW we're getting somewhere! A video for a band that I've never heard of before. This must be good.

And surprise, it is! Wow, pretty stunning.

#2 Depeche Mode "Wrong"
Disturbing, and a great video. Please watch here, since they are afraid of us ripping off the song and then the record company drones will not make their numbers and have to figure out another way to make obscene amounts of profit. Note to the big record companies: YOU LOST. THE LONG TAIL WON. SUCK IT.

#1 Raekwon "House Of Flying Daggers"

Well, what did you think? I've posted a lot of videos this year that I thought were better than most of these. Here are three:

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

WOOD from mc bess on Vimeo.

What are some of your favorites? Let us know, and we'll post them if they pass the Old Skool Muster.


stephanieluong said...

Modest Mouse's "Whale Song" is a great one too (

Thew said...

"Paddling Ghost" by Dan Deacon.