Friday, October 31, 2008

Cheap Trick Plans To Celebrate 30th Anniversary of "Live In Budokan"

In an effort to get the bad taste of that last post out, here's something from Cheap Trick, WHO HAVE ALL THEIR ORIGINAL MEMBERS:

1. The boys from Rockford have a new album in the can, and are looking for someone to partner with to release it. No release date, obviously, yet. More when we hear about it at the Old Skool Institute Of Rockology World Headquarters.

2. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of "At Budokan", the disc that launched them, at least for a while, into superstardom with "I Want You To Want Me", the band is planning some special goodness. The band has recorded a new Budokan set from their visit this past April, and plans on releasing a CD/DVD of the concert. That is interesting, but let's face it, they did it because they can sell some discs on nostalgia. I doubt the recording will be anticipated by anyone other than the faithful followers of Bun E. and gang.

The more interesting news here, although I admit it still probably only excites the Cheap Trick mega-fans, is that they will also release a box set CD/DVD of the ORIGINAL concert, which was filmed and broadcast on April 30, 1978 on Japanese TV. It's been in the can all that time, aging like a fine wine. Unless it had a bad cork, which in that case it will stink like a 30-year-old Members Only jacket. We'll see, but I think that will be interesting.

3. The band also hope to release a 1998 re-recording of the classic 1977 "In Color" album that was produced by Steve Albini.

That's a lot of nostalgia, but one thing is true: Cheap Trick is ALWAYS good in concert. And if these little trips down memory lane help fund them so they can go out on the road and rock some more state fairs and club dates, I say do it.

Oh, and one more thing about that last LZ post: IF this is real and that other guy sings for them, it means that Creed may re-form since Alter Bridge is all the non-singing members of that band. It goes from bad to worse, folks.

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