Sunday, March 22, 2009

SXSW Music: Friday & Saturday Report

Well, the train went off the rails and I stopped posting, so here's the catch-up. First Friday:

Caught David Yow (Jesus Lizard) on the street, startled him by running him down and talking to him. Wanted to know if he was playing any more for the fest (he played with the Dicks on Wed.). I was hoping to see a surprise Jesus Lizard performance, but he said he was going home that night. Damn.

Day parties brought Crystal Antlers: good, but not ready for prime time.
Cursive: something is missing, more straightforward, but not as nuanced and interesting.
Hold Steady: I get it now. And Craig Finn looks like he knows he is in the catbird seat. Happy guy, good musicianship. Fun, fun, fun.
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness: Probably better than I give them credit for, but vocals are weak, and I thought I was going to see Explosions in the Sky. Wrong place, wrong time.
Hamell On Trial: Talked to him, asked him how his STL date went on Wednesday. He said the people at the Wedge are nice, hopes they make a go of it, had about 50 people at that show. Was worried that no one would show up for him, but he had a rabid following of about 50 people that gladly sang along and laughed at all his jokes. A highlight, especially the face solo. You heard me right.
Tricky= B.O.R.I.N.G.
DEVO: Good show, fun graphics that were simple but sophisticated at the same time. Full blown show. Thank you.

Crowds becoming overwhelming, feet covered in moleskin, must hold on for one more night. Sounds like fun, right? right!
Echo and the Bunnymen: Eh. Sorry.
Lucero: Better than expected. Would like to see them at a small club some time. They had also partaken in some adult beverages, but held it together.
Monotonix: Broken english, excited fans in front. I was not up front.
Circle Jerks: I felt like I was back at the afternoon punk shows at 1227. Felt good, felt right. good stuff.

On to the Scoot Inn, on the North side of Highway 35, somewhat away from the crazy crowds of 6th street for some hippity hop:
2 Mex: 2 angry, needed better flow.
Scroobius Pip: Talked to him before, Dan Le Sac couldn't make it, back in england sick. He had to scratch Thursday's show with out a turntablist, but now performed a shortened set with beats sent to him DLS. Also had a great story about Dan being attacked at a petting zoo and being quarantined by the U.S. Had the crowd going.
Buck 65: got a chance to talk to him also. Just call me Chatty Cathy. This Canadian follows his own muse, and for someone who doesn't seem to be well-know in the States, he sure had a lot of folks singing along. Must be the Old Skool love I throw his way. Don't you think? No?

Goodbye Austin.
Thanks for another good time.
See you soon?

Pictures coming, maybe later. If any of them are worth a damn. Stupid camera.

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