Thursday, September 4, 2008

Aimee Mann Concert Thoughts

The one thing that struck me Tuesday night, as I stood against the edge of the barricade that separated us from the stage, was how Aimee's music was all about the little things. Nuance reigned supreme as keyboards effortlessly changed tones, and the drummer alternated between shaking a handful of bells, playing drums covered with towels (to deaden the sound, I figured. A bit unorthodox.) or ripping nice little fills when the music needed that extra kick. All held down by Aimee's voice and acoustic guitar. Seeing her and her band live really had me appreciate how much craft goes into her compositions. Seeing her live was a surprising treat. I kick myself for missing her up to now.

Squeeze was good, the crowd was into it for the most part, but I made the quick realization that I am not nearly as big a fan of them as I may have thought. Too many songs up front that were foreign to my ears for me to stick it out.

Side note: I was talking to one of the staff, asking if I could bring a drink down on the floor. He replied that it would be fine. The floor is usually saved for minors, but tonight there were only seven of them, so they had opened it up. Seven. Yes, I really am old skool.

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