Saturday, September 27, 2008

Old Skool Saturday Round-up

Welcome, welcome! How are you? You are looking great, very relaxed, so good to see it. Is it because you have heard the news that:

1. Guns-n-Roses have signed an exclusive deal with Best Buy to release Chinese Democracy by the end of the year? Well, don't hold your breath on that one. One of the sticking points is when the release date will be (snicker).

2. I am sure that you will be excited to hear that Led Zeppelin are rumored by the British tabloid the Sun to be ready to start rehearsals for a tour that would begin next summer.

Maybe you should go see Celebration Day, the very nice Led Zep cover/tribute band that will be at the Pageant November 14 + 15. From what I saw last time, these guys really do it right. You'll be all salivating and stuff, thinking about the real thing.

3. Remember how I told you about Yes replacing Jon Anderson, because of illness? I would have assumed they would have checked in with him, told him what they were doing. You know, make sure he was cool with it. Eh, not really. And he's pissed.

4. One thing I know: you look great, happy, all that jazz. You must not have known that Paul Newman died at 83, losing his battle with cancer. Hate to bring you down, but he was a great. And seemed like a great man. Damn. Here he is singing Plastic Jesus in Cool Hand Luke. God rest.

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