Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss- Tomorrow At The Fox!

Well, this one was a long time coming. This was supposed to happen in June, and got postponed. I bought the tickets on MARCH 3! Six long months later, I'll finally get to check out what should be a sweet concert.

I went looking for Sharon Little, to see what she is going to be like, since she is the opening act. Here's Sharon performing live:

And a little about her from her official bio:

At the start of 2008, Sharon Little was working as a waitress. Less than five months later, she is appearing in concert halls throughout the country as the opening act on the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss and T Bone Burnett “Raising Sand” tour. She’s winning ovations as Perfect Time For A Breakdown, her brilliant album of heartfelt personal songs, is released nationally. While this might seem that she’s an “overnight sensation,” Sharon is anything but a flash in the pan. She’s a singer of intense emotional honesty and the songs she’s written reveal an old soul that just happens to be within a person possessed of undeniable physical and spiritual beauty. The journey that has taken her so far in seemingly so short a time has actually been a life-long quest to find her voice, both in the literal and figurative sense.

We will see how she does. I can't wait for tomorrow night, cause I KNOW the main event is going to be good.

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