Monday, September 1, 2008

Squeeze- Tempted

So I was looking around for some video to put up of Squeeze, in honor of their upcoming show tomorrow night at the Pageant. What should it be? "Pulling Mussels From The Shell"? "Cool for Cats"? OOOOH, there's "Black Coffee In Bed"! Excellent! I'll post... wait a minute... embedding disabled? who would do that? Ahhhh, the user who posted this video, along with others that have the embedding disabled, is none other than our friend, Universal Music Group! Well, that explains it!

Look, I understand that a label may not want me to post an MP3 of some popular Squeeze songs, thus taking away from the all-important revenue stream that pretty much goes directly to them with a pittance going to the actual artists themselves, but denying people the right to EMBED A VIDEO FROM !(*@ 1982??!!

Jeebers, these people have gone bonkers. Here's a video for "Tempted", not uploaded by Universal:

BTW, the lineup for this series of shows is Glenn Tillbrook, Chris Difford, and John Bentley (bass), all originals. They are joined by members of Tillbrook's touring band, the Fluffers: Stephen Large (keyboards) and Simon Hanson (drums).

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