Saturday, August 30, 2008

Upcoming Squeeze Concert- Tuesday night- possible set list?

As previously blogged (look below this post. Go ahead, scroll down. It wasn't that long ago, just a few hours.), Squeeze and Aimee Mann will be playing the Pageant Tuesday night.

Big thanks to my friend Jeff, who uncovered the set list from last Monday night's show in Torrington Connecticut. Here it is, we'll see if they mix it up next week, or if they have a fairly consistent set list night to night:

Squeeze's set list
1. Strong in Reason
2. If I Didn't Love You
3. Revue
4. Up the Junction
5. Take Me, I'm Yours
6. I Think I'm Go Go
7. Separate Beds
8. Black Coffee In Bed
9. Piccadilly
10. Annie Get Your Gun
11. Goodbye Girl
12. Melody Motel
13. Tempted
14. Slaughtered, Gutted & Heartbroken
15. Is That Love
16. Cool for Cats
17. Another Nail for My Heart
18. Hour Glass
19. Some Fantastic Place
20. Slap and Tickle
21. Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)

And here's the link to the review of that Torrington show.

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