Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alice Cooper- Serious

Don't forget Alice at the Pageant tomorrow night.

"From the Inside" (1978) was written after Alice spent his first major stint in rehab, which was basically an asylum. If you have read the previous post, you know that it didn't stick and he really started to spiral out of control in the early eighties. The album is semi-autobiographical and features some strong songwriting, especially in the lyrics department, as he was co-writing with Bernie Taupin.

Loved by many Alice Cooper fans, myself included, the album didn't do as well as expected. I remember seeing it in the cut-out bins all the time, and being bewilder why every household didn't have one of these works of genius (hey, I was 15, I didn't know any better). The song "Serious" featured Rick Nielson on guitar. Here's a live version, with Alice looking lean and hungry:

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