Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine

I recently saw Black Joe Lewis at Off Broadway and enjoyed the showmanship of the performance. Everyone in the band wore white shirts and vest, some with ties. BJL wore all black, and worked the stage while the backing musicians worked some (semi) synchronized moves behind him. The red curtain behind them made for a great image. And they looked like they were having a blast.

Black Joe Lewis reminded me of a combination of James Brown and Prince, musically, but what really struck me was how I thought he resembled Ike Turner. That leads me to my favorite Ike and Tina Turner song, "It's Gonna Work Out Fine". I found this medley on Youtube. Check out those fine moves by Tina and the Ikettes at the beginning of "Work Out Fine". Oh, yes:

One more Black Joe Lewis tidbit: it seems he has this label on his tour van: "St. Joseph's Catholic Church". Says BLJ on his flow of logic:

"There are only two kinds of groups that ride in those types of vans: bands and churches. We're trying to get the cops to just keep going when we drive by and all of the thugs that want to jack our stuff. Who wants to steal from a church?"

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