Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Banana Splits Theme Song

I have a wonderful memory of this song, drinking cheap wine and listening to this song over and over again with my friend John. Singing along, each time more boisterous than the last (could it have been the TJ Swann loosening us up?). Yes, we were (around) drinking age, sometimes being silly is a liberating feeling. The Banana Splits was a live-action Hanna Barbera show from 1968-1969, one that missed me until my friend transfered his scratchy 45 to cassette and turned me on to them. . I was more into Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. This one is for John:

EDIT: Man, I thought that Sigmund and the Sea Monsters show was cool:


john caponi said...

We were makin' up a mess of fun weren't we?

I left that 45rpm in my car a few years later, after a trip to visit Dan in Carbondale, Sadly, the sun turned it into a vinyl version of a melted banana split. You still have that tape right?

Dano said...

probably not. I just have the memories.