Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aimee Mann "Freeway"

Aimee Mann is coming to the Pageant on Tuesday, opening for Squeeze. Should be a good double bill. I'm not sure what to expect from Aimee live, so I started poking around to see what I could find on her. Her new disc is called "@#%&*! Smilers" and is a solid offering. If you don't like her, or her voice, I don't think it's going to change your opinion of her, but it's all good with me.

Seems she had a contest for her fans to make their own video for the first single, "Freeway". The song is by far my favorite from the new one so far, and the submissions were interesting. Lots of girls with their acoustic guitars, and some that were too far out for me. Here is my favorite:

and the winner, not my personal fave:

Here's the original Aimee version, I'm looking forward to hearing it live on Tuesday:

And Aimee played the song live at Sonic Boom Records in Toronto. One thing's for certain, she doesn't hide behind studio wizardry when she records. Hearing this live is pretty damn close to the disc. Bodes well for the show:

More on Aimee and Squeeze in the coming posts this weekend. Have a good holiday, everyone.

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