Saturday, August 2, 2008

Andy McKee plays the guitar like ringing a bell

So it seems that Andy is a Youtube sensation, with over 15 MILLION hits to this video, but I've been under an old skool rock and have never heard of him until now. Watching him play in his unique style is captivating:

I like that his influences range from Metallica, Iron Maiden, Michael Hedges, Bjork, to Tchaikovsky, to Toto(?) and the Mothers of Invention. His Myspace page can be found here.

How many other musicians are out there that are off-the-charts talented that we've never heard of? It's amazing how the internet becomes the great leveler, but also ends up overwhelming us with so much choice.

It's awesome that a guy from Topeka, Kansas can be such a sensation. It seems that the internet has not only taken a chunk of the big music label power away and given it back to the people, but it has also taken some of the power away from the big cities like New York, or LA. Used to be you practically HAD to move to a big market to be "discovered", but now you can send out the electronic call, and end up playing for fans as far away as Hamburg. Cool.

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