Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Baby Jesus, Thank You: Decemberists Set To Release A Slew Of Stuff In Coming Months

I like the Decemberists. A lot. So the news that I am passing on makes me happy, and it should make you happy, also.

Starting October 14, Colin Meloy and his pirate crew will be releasing three 12 inch singles called "Always The Bridesmaid: A Singles Series". Not B-sides or cast-offs, but new, shiny compositions that will hopefully cause us all to cry tears of joy. And probably reach for the dictionary to suss out some of the more arcane lyrics from Mr. Meloy. Here's the list:

Volume I, October 14:
Side A: "Valerie Plame"- they'll be performing this live on Conan O'Brien November 3
Side B: "O New England"

Volume II, November 4:
Side A: "Days of Elaine"
Side B: "Days of Elaine (long)" / "I’m Sticking With You"

Volume III, December 2:
Side A: "Record Year"
Side B: "Raincoat Song"

Take that, Subpop. What's that, you say? No turntable? Well, first, you must be informed that all the coolest of cool kids are buying their music on vinyl, so I'm sorry to say that you are not in that rarified strata. But have no fear, hipster-challenged one, for these singles will also be released in digital format, also. AND if you order the singles directly through the band's website you will have the opportunity to save 10%, and order a t-shirt too!

Wow, Old Skool, they've thought of everything! What else could I purchase from this exemplary band? How about the new FULL-LENGTH release called "Tucker Martine", that they are wrapping up? They call it "...a tough bit of leather...a little mossy, a little evil."


Here they are with the video for "Sixteen Military Wives":

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