Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alice Cooper Week Continues: Clones

In the early 80's Alice really wasn't doing well with alcohol. He really doesn't talk much about the music for this era, which included "Flush The Fashion", "Special Forces", and "Zipper Catches Skin". The albums aren't necessarily heavy and have a good dose of humor and some new wave feel to some of the songs. Since he's basically disowned them and they are hard to find, it should come as no surprise that I consider them lost classics for Alice fans.

Here's the French video for Clones (We're All), from "Flush The Fashion". Alice isn't looking too healthy in this one:


Sarah said...

I didn't even know about this album, wow. I love Alice, I have no shame in my love for new wave, and somehow it seems to me that like many others he wasn't totally ruined by its influence in the '80's (musically, at least.) It has a Cars-y vibe, for sure, though. I want that album!
Alice looks like a hybrid character of something from Labyrinth and Muppets from Space in this video...

Dano said...

You can get the album at a record store, sometimes. I think amazon has it. It's good!