Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Steely Dan St. Louis Concert Review

The show I saw last night was like VH1: dependable, and a little bit too mellow. Part of what makes a concert experience is the audience's reaction to the music, and last night's audience felt like they were there to say they were there, vs. being there to really enjoy themselves.

Musically the band was adept at all the songs performed, and tackled them with vigor, even if at times the music leaned more on the "jazz" side when I was hoping for more "rock". This is of course a personal preference, and I knew what I was getting into with the Dan, since they are/were deeply influenced by jazz. The show started with each musician warming up by taking a solo or two each, and then Walter Becker and Donald Fagen came out to kick it up a notch. Mostly old songs were performed, along with a Fagen song from "The Nightfly". The middle really sagged, again, more for lack of audience enthusiasm. I felt like we were sitting in someone's living room, since the guy behind me had a comment or two about every song, and I could hear every word. Because this was one of the quieter concerts I've been to.

The encore was "Kid Charlemagne", and then Walter and Donald were gone, with the band playing some smooth jazz. Surely this wasn't the end? But, alas, the show ended not with a bang, but a whimper. Smooth jazz finished the evening off, as the houselights slowly came up.

Back to your Lexus's and BMW's. Back into the early night. Tell your co-workers you were there, show them the photo on your cell phone. Go to sleep watching CNN.

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