Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Jakob Dylan video by Joel Trussell

I admit that I've always LIKED Jakob Dylan's voice. "One Headlight" was a decent enough song, and this song is another one that I LIKE. Don't love it, but what I do love is some kickin' animation/art from Mr. Joel Trussell. Speaking of Mr. Trussell's art, this one just HAS to be the cover of the next mix CD that I make:

Jakob's voice is like a more modulated Bob. Smoother, yet very familial all the same. It's interesting that Bob's voice, while not a perfect instrument by any means, probably ends up having more character and is more interesting to listen to. Interesting, interesting, interesting. Too many of that word, but I assume that there ain't no English teachers readin' this here blog, so the heck with it. like how Jakob's eyes are cat-like in the video. That's how I always thought those puppies looked in real life.

Joel Trussell's art/animation style is very old skool. Can't find too much about him, except that he's animated some segments for the kids show Yo Gabba Gabba and he's a freelance director/animator.

A detail to notice in the video: on the dashboard it looks like there is a Rick Rubin bobblehead, probably there because Mr. Rubin produced the album this comes from, "Seeing Things". Is there an album out there that he doesn't produce? I'm waiting for the one where he helps the Pussycat Dolls "get back to their roots" by stripping it all down and leaving nothing but silence on the MP3s and discs. Kind of like John Cage, but with some great racks and legs. Speaking of interesting...

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