Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rage Against The Machine Music- Too Dangerous To Even Perform In The Same State As The Republicans


So we have RATM set to play in Minneapolis on Wednesday night, and they hear about a free show on the state capital's lawn. They decide to make a special appearance. Other performers are Dead Prez, Anti-flag, and Michael Franti. The show is scheduled to last until 7 PM. Here's what Minneapolis blogger Above The Fold reports:

But when it came time for the band to perform, the Minnesota State Police formed a barricade around the band and would not let them on stage. After 20 minutes of crowd chanting that included "Let Them Play," "Music is not a Crime," "We’ll be good, we promise," and a riveting rendition of the national anthem the band came into the crowd and performed an acapella performance of two songs.

Check out the video, and check out Rage done acapella.

Why couldn't RATM play? They weren't named on the permit, so the plug was pulled.

I wish I could have heard the crowd spontaneously perform the national anthem. Bet that would have got the goosebumps going. And chanting "We'll be good, we promise" is just funny.

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