Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jarvis Cocker: Angela

I quite like the new single from Mr. Cocker. Most famous here in the states for the song "Common People" with his band pulp, he always seemed a little too wordy and smarty-pants for his own good. Like he was tolerating us and the world. So it's good to see him rock out a bit, pare down the lyrics, and let the fuzzed-out dirty guitar do their rock business. Here's the video, and you can download the song from emuisc, if that's the way you roll. Or iTunes. Old Skool doesn't get a commission one way or the other.

And while we're at it, here's the Pulp video from 1995 for "Common People":
Oh, never mind. Some big label is afraid of my power to post old videos on my blog. Doing so would cause the labels to lose their precious revenue stream, and they would have no more "product" to sell. What? You've never heard the Pulp song and were hoping to sit at the throne of Old Skool knowledge to learn and then go buy, thus keeping the label people happy and fat? Take it up with them, junior. Here's a link if you're interested. Those poor misguided record label bastards. They are like an injured dog, lashing out at anyone that gets near them, even the ones that could help.

And be sure to check out William Shatner's version. It is better than it should be. Really.

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