Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This Sunday: Blind Pilot At The Pageant. Along With Some Other Band Called The Decemberists, Whoever They Are.

Yes, yes. I know who the Decemberists are. I am old, not deaf to their wonderful sound. I even saw them perform the new release in it's entirety at SXSW in March. Oh, I admit it: I struggled to stay awake toward the end, but that's what happens when you travel all day after working the day before. It was late. They were good. I was tired.

But what about the opening band? What do we know about them? Well, if you are me, you know the name, you've downloaded "Three Rounds And A Sound", and you've thought to yourself, these guys are pretty good. Harmonies, very agreeable, a comfortable shoe, if you would, from a new band. And they are a two-piece, at least from a recording standpoint. Live they are a multi-person indie extravaganza! And they toured behind their first EP via bicycles, entertaining whoever would have them. They told me here.

Here's an official video:

I'm interested. And they seem like a nice complement to the Decemberists. See you there.

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