Friday, May 29, 2009

Decemberists: This Sunday At The Pageant

Sold out! Took long enough.

Here are some songs/videos to carry us into the weekend. And yes, I'm still jealous that Jeff saw them back in the day at Blueberry Hill. You have won this round, sir.

Here's one that was performed as a high school project. Isn't it cool when something moves people so much that they feel a need to create themselves? In some ways, it doesn't even matter if the quality is good (and I think this video is not bad at all). The ultimate compliment, in my opinion:

This one doesn't allow embedding. Even Pitchfork is afraid of the power of the Old Skool masses, and refuses to let us share this from the world headquarters. Fine, then. Leave me to behold another video from the Decemberists, this time "Oh Valencia". Love the Chris Funk character.

Here's "The Wanting Comes In Waves" on Leno. On a side note, is anyone really sad that Jay is leaving the Tonight Show? I for one am stoked to see Conan on at an earlier time, much closer to my Old Skool bedtime. I'll be able to drink my warm milk and doze off flipping between him and Dave.

Have a good weekend, folks. Hope to see you at the show on Sunday. Stop by and say hi.

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