Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RFT Music Showcase: This Sunday

We are truly blessed to have such an abundance of great music to choose from here in St Louis. The Decemberists show on Sunday was great, and many of my friends are at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show tonight. Have fun!

On the horizon is Twangfest, celebrating it's lucky 13th year on June 10-13. But first we have the annual RFT Music Showcase this Sunday. Here's the line-up. Anyone I should check out? I know I'll try to see Fred Friction or the Tripdaddys.

Main Outdoor Stage
1 p.m. The Beat Street Crew
2 p.m. Jon Hardy & the Public
3 p.m. One Lone Car
4 p.m. Gentleman Auction House- excellent live band
5 p.m. LOGOS
6 p.m. The Feed

The Cucina Outdoor Stage
1 p.m. Troubadour Dali
2 p.m. Funky Butt Brass Band
3 p.m. Kentucky Knife Fight
4 p.m. The Monads
5 p.m. The Educated Guess

6 p.m. Radical Sons
7 p.m. The 75s
8 p.m. The Blind Eyes
9 p.m. LucaBrasi
10 p.m. The Incurables

Blueberry Hill's Duck Room
7 p.m. Teresajenee
8 p.m. Earthworms
9 p.m.-midnight Tef Poe, Family Affair, Nato Caliph, Rockwell Knuckles, Vandalyzm, Black Spade, DJ Trackstar

Blueberry Hill's Elvis Room
6 p.m. Raglani
7 p.m. .e
8 p.m. Left Arm
9 p.m. Suburban Smash
10 p.m. Sine Nomine
11 p.m. Dude Nukem

Brandt's Market & Cafe
8 p.m. Tom Hall
9 p.m. Caleb Travers
10 p.m. Celia
11 p.m. Lamar Harris

7 p.m. Beth Bombara
8 p.m. Cassie Morgan
9 p.m. Magnolia Summer
10 p.m. Rough Shop
11 p.m. The Sham

Delmar Lounge
8 p.m. Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra- so reminiscent of the Decemberists on a smaller scale that we call them the Novemberists.
9 p.m. Wooden Kites Say Panther
10 p.m. Exercise
11 p.m. Target Market
12 a.m. Bunnygrunt

Pin-Up Bowl
7 p.m. DJ Thumpasaurus
8 p.m. Flex Boogie
9 p.m. DJ Needles
10 p.m. DJ Mahf

Halo Bar
7 p.m. Glass Teeth
8 p.m. God Fodder
9 p.m. Humanoids
10 p.m. Gold Tooth
11 p.m. Trip Daddys

Vintage Vinyl
6 p.m. Eric Hall
7 p.m. Jason and the Beast
8 p.m. Scripts 'N Screwz
9 p.m. The Mhurs

6 p.m. Grace Basement
7 p.m. Rum Drum Ramblers
8 p.m. The Northwoods

7 p.m. Tenement Ruth
8 p.m. Dogtown Allstars
9 p.m. Leadville
10 p.m. Theodore
11 p.m. Fred Friction

Let me know if there's anyone to check out, and I will try to do it. It's kinda exciting to just go, and hopefully be surprised by someone, but some guidance would be appreciated, also.


viciousblog said...

Well, since we aren't involved in the RFT's reindeer games, might I recommend catching some of our pals...the Monads and/or Kentucky Knife Fight are worth witnessing...

and you should do yer best to catch Theodore prior to Fred's set...

You should also make yourself aware of the Ditty Bops, playing on a completely different day in a completely different part of town...same could be said of the Shack Shakers...

Word to the absurd.

Dano said...

Thank you sir. I am intrigues by Theodore and will try to take you up on some of your suggestions. It's appreciated.