Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Melvins: The Talking Horse

Years ago, in another life, my band opened up for the Melvins. They were loud, and the sludgiest band I have heeard, to this day. Someone finally yelled out, about 40 minutes into their set, "SECOND GEAR!!!!!" For they played a brand of metal that sounded as if it was recorded through molasses.

They are coming to Pop's opening for Down on September 25. Tickets are $25-28. Why the two prices for a venue that has seemingly has no difference to any of the crowd area? Higher price for under-agers? Dunno. A mystery, like who left that rotting banana in your desk drawer. It wasn't me honest.

Excited that one of Kurt Cobain's favorite bands was coming to town I went to their web site. You should go there. Beguiling, isn't it? Here are some of the images I got when I went there and clicked on the cute little elephant:

No info that I could find. At all. Try it. Go back to the main page, hit refresh, get a new pop-up. And another. Hot links that spew forth fuzzy sound bites, multiple clicks creating a glorious cacophony.

This video also is a dizzying anomaly and I like it. It's refreshing to not be force-fed the same watered down crap disguised as creative brilliance:

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