Monday, May 25, 2009

R.I.P.: Jay Bennett

If you're a fan of music I probably don't have to tell you that Jay was a former member of Wilco. You also probably know that he recently was suing Jeff Tweedy for royalties based on his appearance in "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart". You may not be aware that he was doing this in an attempt (Apparently. These are the things I read, but I am not the AP newswire, and do not substantiate the things I read in other blogs, who probably don't substantiate anything either, except by going to wikipedia, I guess. It's a high-tech game of telephone.) to pay for a hip replacement.

Jay was 45 and there will be an autopsy, as there is no apparent cause of death known.

I'm 43. Excuse me while I go take some baby aspirin to prevent any impending heart attacks. Sheez, 45 is young.

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